Hello, Lovies!!!!

Welcome to my world!

I am so excited to finally get around to launching this blog for you. I am very active on Social Media and figured I would start sharing some of my tips on here for you to review. There is a first for everything and I thought this was a great way to keep in contact with my followers. I plan on posting different topics in regards to the world of EVENT PLANNING & DESIGN. My goal for this blog is to give you a little feedback on how I fell head over heels… SMITTEN in love with the world of event planning and I hope that I can inspire you along the way! As you get to know more about me, what i am truly eager about is that I will get to know more about myself through you…the people that I love: my clients, my followers, my family, and friends.

I hope you all have a Beautifully Eventful Day!

With Lots of Love,

Jacquie Cortez